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Internet surfing via Wi-fi for your customers. Simple authentication via Social Networks, fast connection without receipts and/or passwords. With a like, customers promote your business and browse the Internet free of charge


Promote your company by installing the KITS at your premises or by providing and installing the KITS at the premises of other companies that will make you more visible with free customer access.
If you already have a WI-FI service, transform it; if you don’t have one, take the opportunity to provide it free for your customers, who in return will provide you with a new form of advertising


Requirements for implementing the ‘WiFi Like’ kit:
• ADSL connectivity, router with at least one available port, connection cables between router and KIT, power cables for the KIT;
• Social Network fan pages (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).
The ‘WiFi Like’ KIT should be added to the above requirements and includes:
• the supply and installation of the system;
• programming and putting into service.

I connect at the beach without entering a password
Just one like and I’m on the net in this cafe
my restaurant’s likes increase
customers connect by themselves and promote my hotel

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